Some highlights of serving on a committee:
  • have three to four committee members, all of whom should be PABJ members
    hold regular meetings as needed (monthly or bi-monthly), can be via conference call or in-person
  • send the PABJ president or secretary information regarding committee meeting times/dates to be included in member outgoing announcements
  • report to the board re: the status of the committees progress, usually monthly and/or if and when applicable
  • if the committee will be producing an event, submit an event sketch AND budget to the board and membership for approval
  • for any committee events, submit a final event report including: a) details on the program/event information that took place AND b) a financial breakdown of the event costs and/or revenue

Please note: no individual member or committee may sign a contract on behalf of PABJ or enter into a contract with any party for PABJ services. Contracts need to come to the PABJ executive board for review and may only be signed by the PABJ president and treasurer.